Kroger cares about what its customers think, and to show how much, the store gives prizes to people who take the KrogerFeedback poll at You could give fun, money, or other kinds of incentives to get people to come to your event.

Take krogerfeedback Survey

Take krogerfeedback Survey

One of the best things about taking the KrogerFeedback question is the chance to earn fifty points that can be traded for gas. When customers use their fuel points at some Kroger gas stations, they may get a discount on their gas purchases, which saves them money.

The winners will not only get gas points, but also gift cards to Kroger. Customers at Kroger have more choice with their money because they can buy these gift cards in different amounts.

The grand prize of the poll is a $5,000 gift card that can be used at Kroger to save a lot of money on future purchases.

Take krogerfeedback Survey

The winner of each race will get a $100 gift card. Customers have a better chance of winning one of the expensive gift cards that are sometimes given as first prizes if they fill out surveys. If a customer doesn’t fill out a poll, they don’t have a chance to win a prize.

At the end of the day, people who take the time to fill out the KrogerFeedback poll have the chance to win fuel points, gift cards, and the pleasure of knowing they had a say in how Kroger’s stores and services will change in the future.

Customer feedback is important for making changes to the shopping experience, and Kroger’s reward scheme makes it more likely that people will fill out the survey.

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